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Warmsworth’s in car safety checklist

Planning a long journey? Tick these car care boxes to drive with peace of mind:

  1. Check the manual- each make of car might come with its own advice from the manufacturer themselves about regular maintenance checks. This is by far the best place to start when checking your car is ready for a long trip.
  2. Check the tyres- there’s a lot riding on these four patches of rubber, so check for tears, bulges or punctures. You can also check for wear using a depth gauge placed in the tread of the tyre- you should have 1.6mm depth minimum. Any less and you could be putting lives at risk- and you can be fined. Of course this includes all tyres, not just those on your car- a trailer or caravan will also need checking, as well as the spare! Wheel alignment is another factor that can affect tyre wear and lead to unexpected damage on long journeys. If your steering feels unusual or you think wheels might out of line you should get them checked by a mechanic before setting of.
  3. Check the fluids- fuel, brakes, wipers and oil. Without enough of any of these you could run into trouble- so before you set off get them checked and topped up if needed. Remember when checking to ensure your car is on a flat, even surface and the engine is cool. If in any doubt, check the manual.
  4. Do your research- most people rely on a satnav these days, and a paper map might even seem a bit old fashioned! But keeping an up to date road map including your route in the car is a good safeguard against disaster- unlike a satnav, a road atlas won’t break, and if you end up going round the houses, it’s nobody’s fault but your own! Equally important is stuff like knowing about likely delays, weather conditions and, if you’re visiting another country- any different driving laws and requirements you might need to adhere to.
  5. Check the brakes and lights using the manufacturers’ handbook. It’s important to make sure these are all working fine before you set off. If they aren’t you could face trouble on the road that could spoil your trip.
  6. Dig out your paperwork. Is your breakdown cover up to date? Is all your documentation in order in case you need it? Don’t get caught out when it’s already too late.
  7. Consider a service: Getting a regular check-up should be every car owner’s goal anyway, but if you’ve got a long drive planned, it should definitely be on your to-do list. The last thing you need is a breakdown a long way from home- so make sure your car is in top shape and ready to get you there & back without any hassle!


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