Is your car battery dead?

Driving habits, not battery problems, often cause battery failure. Warmsworth Service Centre in Doncaster deliver professional, affordable auto electrical services.
Wondering why your battery is suddenly out of juice? This is a common complaint by drivers, and the truth is there are a lot of factors that can drain your battery. Hard to test and detect except with the latest technology, battery faults lie at the heart of many breakdowns.

Background use
Cars today use a wide range of computers, sensors and other features that are draining the battery even when the engine isn’t running. Make sure these are switched off when leaving your car, and try to reduce their use to only when it’s necessary. An ECU remap can sometimes make them more effective or otherwise improve function without wasting energy.

The process of battery stratification can cause impromptu power failure in your car, as the electrolytes can begin to settle at the bottom of the battery. Low-speed, low-gear, stop-start drives can cause this, and you will need to take steps to ensure your battery remains well charged through long, smooth journeys. Large, older cars are more prone to this problem, and though it can be an easy fix it is important to contact a professional auto electrician who can safely redress the balance. You may also need to recharge or replace your battery.

Stop-start technology
Features like these can place your battery under increased stress as the idling engine, used in earlier models to recharge the battery, might switch itself off. This decreases the overall time your car battery is being charged by the engine, and can increase the rate of draining.

The weather
Of course, the effort your car must expend hits the battery, and naturally environmental factors are a part of this. Poor weather and difficult driving conditions can place extra stress on your battery. As the extra functions such as heating work overtime, winter can be a nightmare for older cars. Take extra steps to keep your battery charged in winter.

Low quality wiring
With the prevalence of upgrades to radios, light and other features, there is a risk your battery will find itself under unexpected strain- especially if the wiring is done by an amateur or to a low standard. Always take care to ensure your car is wired to a professional standard, and consider taking care when buying second hand cars you suspect have been ‘upgraded’ at home or by a mechanic who doesn’t have experience with the parts.

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