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Know your car’s safety features: Airbags

ABS At Warmsworth Service Centre we deliver expert care to airbags & ABS systems for all types of cars. It’s important that your cars’ safety features remain in top working order- crucially you’ll never know when you might need them. Your car’s automatic warning system will tell you if you need to visit a mechanic- if you see a yellow or red airbag warning light, take the advice! It could save your life.

The Airbag
The first airbag patent was issued to in the early 1950s, with subsequent designs patented by inventors in Germany and Japan, yet it would be many years before airbags became common additions to most cars. Contrary to popular belief, the very first airbags appeared many years before wearing full seatbelts became compulsory in the UK, or every US state and they were originally offered as the primary safety device, but questions over their effectiveness & safety meant neither consumers nor manufacturers were very keen on adding them, preferring to belt up instead. It would be the early 1990’s before airbags were fitted as standard to most cars.

In the late 1920’s concerns over safety in the burgeoning air industry led designers to try and improve safeguards on the infamously flimsy early planes. By the 1950s the Maxaret Automatic Control was making landing a far safer process by preventing wheel lock on bumpy landings that might otherwise lead to crashes- while making landings safer and reducing skidding- also meaning icy conditions and short runways no longer prevented safe landings. ABS didn’t make the jump to cars until the 1960s, after it proved effective in reducing motorcycle accidents. Since the 1980’s, cars have carried ABS as standard, and studies have shown it can substantially improve safety, as well as reducing wear on tyres, saving fuel, and increasing passenger comfort.

If your cars’ airbag or ABS needs a service, get in touch with Warmsworth Service Centre- Doncaster’s top car diagnostic & car repairs service. Speak to our friendly experts today, and discover how we can help keep you on the move.

Best estate cars of 2016

You can forget about an estate being a “boring family car”, the days of a lifeless and excessively long driving experience are gone. Manufacturers have upped their game with the latest estates on the market:

Mercedes E-Class
This sees the strengths of previous models in new and improved was, even if you didn’t think that was possible. The price range is around £38,000-£40k. It’s also a sure fire winner thanks to a fuel economy that’ll rack up 70mpg. As ever with Mercedes as well, this E-Class doesn’t compromise when I comes to an interior.

BMW 3 Series Touring
Sister to BMW’s saloon offering, this estate is again, sure to please. This is a prime example of how driving experience can meet practicality with a boot space of 500 litres. The good news doesn’t end there, if you were to fold the back seats down then you’d be treated to 1500 litres of luggage space.

Audi A4 Avant
With prices ranging from around £28,00 to almost £41,000, it’s certain you’ll be able to find the right spec for your needs. Not only this, the A4 also boasts an impressive engine range, with its cost economical diesel engine providing 70mpg. Audi also have the edge here over BMW with 5 litres more boot space…

Volvo V90 Estate
Volvo’s are synonymous with a hefty and reliable estates, in fact they’re probably the staple. There’s ample boot space with 560 litres on offer, this V90 will no doubt