More miles for your money: tips to save fuel costs

Going further for less is a constant uphill struggle for car owners. Few of us relish the heavy costs of visiting the pumps, and any money we can save is a welcome surprise. So we’ve assembled some of the top tips for saving fuel and keeping value for money in the tank:

Get your car fuel efficiency-ready
Your car’s a faithful character- it’s your responsibility to make her life a bit easier! Unload those golf clubs, ditch the roof rack, wind up the window and scrap off any thick dirt- these all cause unnecessary weight and drag over long distances. At over 30 miles an hour, drag is more of a factor in fuel use than weight, so you should consider anything you can do to reduce it.

Drive safer, drive better, drive cheaper!
Polite, nice driving isn’t just good for your karma- you will feel the benefit to your wallet, too. More aware driving will lead to better decisions that in turn allow you to save fuel. Check out what’s ahead in good time, slow it down, keep in the right gear and cut the revs- you’ll make better time and get more miles out of the tank. Even a bit of planning prior to your trip could save you money- take care to avoid queues or rush hour traffic if you can.
Keeping your speed in mind is a great way to save money too- keeping at 70 miles an hour on the motorway saves you up to 20% more fuel than going at 80- plus you won’t risk a ticket! Smooth driving without rushing or radically changing your speed will save you money and you’ll get there just as fast.

Don’t be a battery chicken
Your battery will burn fuel too- so beware anything that eats electricity. Air con as well as any other gadgets will drain your battery, especially if on a high setting- air conditioning alone can add 10% to your fuel bill.

Keep your car maintained
Most importantly, faults in your engine will drive down your fuel efficiency. A faulty spark plug, a slightly mis-aligned or under inflated tyre, and you can be hit with a higher than necessary fuel bill. Changing your oil with a high quality product, ideally one recommended by the manufacturer, can go a long way to helping your engine run more efficiently.
Having a car that’s well looked after will lead to lower fuel costs as well as a safer and more pleasant driving experience. Warmsworth Service Centre are a friendly team of experts ready to help you get your car running to its full potential. From regular car servicing & MOTs, to diagnostics and repairs, you can trust Warmsworth to keep your car on the road and running at its best. German car specialists, nevertheless with their top of the range workshop & they remain Doncaster’s top car service centre for all car makes. Contact the team here to arrange a visit.

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