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Car air conditioning service Doncaster

Discover the benefits of our car air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Servicing is best conducted every two years in order to properly preserve clean, effective cooling and warming in your car.

Air conditioning servicing means cleaning and re-gassing the system in order to remove matter that builds up over time, and to restore gas that has escaped from the vents.

Breathe easy with a regular, professional car air conditioning service from Warmsworth.
Often drivers will not service their air conditioning properly, or will disregard the advice of car manufacturers and not have their air conditioning examined. However this presents three problems

Firstly that a major fault might develop that could be avoided through earlier examination. As with many car issues, these faults, when allowed to develop, can be extremely expensive to resolve, whereas catching them early through a regular, thorough servicing allows them to be treated as minor problems- saving you money.

The second problem is that germs, spores, bacteria and other unhealthy matter can become built-up inside your air conditioner, in turn this matter is circulated around the car. A dirty air conditioner can become home to bacteria and fungus, which grows inside the air conditioning unit and is blown into the vents by the conditioner. This can be unpleasant, smelly and a health risk, especially to those with prior conditions or allergies.

The third problem is reduced power to the air conditioner. Over time the coolant gas very gradually seeps out of the unit through the vents, and after two years is use is usually in need of topping up.
A regular car air conditioning service will prevent all these problems and keep your car’s air cool, clean and consistent.

What our specialist car air conditioning service can offer you:
With our highly trained team of technicians we will ensure that your air conditioning system has a long and trouble free life.  Our Standard Service consists of:

  • Refrigerant Recovery                                          
  • Replacement of the System Vacumn
  • System Leak Check                                             
  • Recharge with Refrigerant and Lubricating Oil
  • Anti-Fungal Treatment

We recommend a professional car air conditioning service every 30,000 miles, as per manufacturer advice. We will always be happy examine your air conditioning any time you suspect there might be a problem with the system. Contact (link) Warmsworth Service Centre Doncaster today with any enquiries.

Regular maintenance of your car is essential to safety and can help ensure trouble free motoring.
Regular maintenance of your air
conditioning is vital if you want to avoid expensive bills when things go wrong
As luxury car manufacturers create ever more complex vehicles we have made a substantial investment in the lastest diagnostic equipment.